Evaluation test - Comenius

1. What do you think about the Comenius project?
a. I think that's an interesting idea (18 students)

- The idea of working with other countries is good

- But it's too bad we couldn't meet the pupils from Spain and Italy

- It's great because you get a different "angle" to the cultures in the other countries

- I have learned more English

- It involves other schools

- But we need more contact

2. What do you think about the subject chosen?
a. I like it very much (5 students)
b. I like it enough (13 students)

- It's nice to know about Danish history

- It's a very interesting concept

- Interesting idea because by seeing yourself from a special connexion you see yourself better

- I don't think that we have worked enough with the subject

3. How do you judge altogether all the activities we have done up till now?
a. It has been interesting (10 students)
b. It could have been interesting, but… (7 students)

- It has been interesting but it could have been done better

- I actually don't know

- It was interesting even though some of the projects apparently didn't have a purpose. Some of the projects went wrong because of the cooperation in the groups

- There should have been more contact between the countries.

- It is good to do several different activities.

- It has been necessary to get in a good group to really get somewhere with this subject

- We needed more time


4. What do you think about the personal involvement of this activity?
a. I felt very much involved (2 students)
b. I felt involved enough (12 students)
c. I felt involved so and so (4 students)

- It depends on the project

- Difficult when the contact and coordination between the different schools were very poor.


5. What activity has involved you much

a. The educational project (6 students)
b. Literature project (2 students)
c. The constitution project (5 students)
d. Architecture (3 students)
e. The idea
f. The profile
g. Working in groups
h. All of them

6. What activity has involved you less?

a. Architecture
b. I really don't know
c. Making the profile of my self
d. The constitution project (3 students)
e. Low contact between countries
f. Literature (5 students)


7. What activity wasn't done/proposed that could have involved you much more?

a. A lot!
b. Contact (4 students)
c. More time and communication

8. Do you think the time to realise this project was:

a. A long time (1 student)
b. A short time (10 students)

- Both

- We weren't really ready (3 students)

11. Have you visited the website?

a. Yes (10 students)
b. No (5 students)
No, it isn't finished (1 student)

12. How frequently do you visit it?

a. Only one time, at school, with the teacher (1 student)
b. With the teacher and at home, only one time (3 students)
c. With the teacher and at home, many times (6 students)

16. How do you judge the web site from a graphical point of view?

a. I like it very much (1 student)
b. I like it so and so (8 students)
c. I don't like it (1 student)

- I think it's an ok website

- It's ordinary 2


17. What do you particularly like?

- You get to see some Italians.
- The personal profiles
- The projects


18. What do you particularly dislike?

- I think it's a bit too normal, it looks like other sites on the web
- The site
- Nothing really!


19. What thing will you propose to add, remove, modify on the web site to optimise it and why?

- Other colours. A bit too office like.
- Make a new design and make a forum where the students from all countries can discuss things.
- Nothing really