The Town hall of Copenhagen

Because of the drastic increase in the population in the ending of the 1800th century, a new Town hall was build in 1892, number six in a row, when the increase in the population somehow had to come to an expression. The Town Hall was designed by the Danish architect Martin Nyrop and that emancipated in ways from 1800 century foreign stylearchitecture.

The architecture was inspireret by many different styles, both new and old, e.g. the big hall in the Town Hall is designed like an Italian marketplace with many colonnades, benches along the walls and a palacefront with a balcony. The building is symmetrical and block-alike standing around two yards where one of them has a glassroof. The Town Hall is made of red bricks, cement, marble and metal, which was that periods building materials, and it has a shape like a square.
The Town Hall was build in the end of a time-period called "styleconfussion" where architects stole the ideas from other architects from different countries. Martin Nyrop would rather go farther back in time and use different ideas from the renaissance with fx curves over the doors and colonnades, which were typical for the renaissance, were the most important was that it was beautiful and looked harmonic.

The Town Hall

But it was still important that the decoration looked natural and realistic. In the same period the geometry was very popular and because of that the mathematics became a big part of the architecture.

Martin Nyrop was still a bit inspireret by other countries. The Town Halls tower reminds a lot of the Town Halls tower in Siena in the middle of Italy, and also the shellshaped space in front of the Town Hall were inspireret by the one in Siena.

The Town Hall
of Copenhagen
The Town Hall
of Siena


Under the Styleconfussion it became more normal to use machines for production but Nyrop chose most often to use manual power, e.g. the hole building is decorated with handpainted animals- and human-faces.
The Town Hall tower which is 105,6 metres high is decorated with two polarbear one on each side. Those two are one of Copenhagen's trademarks. Another decoration of the tower there are standing six human sculptures, night watchmen, who in old days guarded the citizens of Copenhagen.
Concerning to what human-vision The Town Hall is build in, it takes a starting point in the renaissance where it was the human who should be in centre, and not like under the Middle ages where passages and rooms were small, dark and suppressive, but instead big, light and very tall rooms.

Made by: Aske, Maria, Stina and Karen K.

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