The History of Roskilde Cathedral.

The history of the cathedral's construction applies to its statement as a political and spiritual centre. The history is long and complicated and in reality you have build, rebuild, extended and renovated it in and around the cathedral since the first wooden church was build in the year 980, supposedly on "Harald Blåtands" initiative. In the year 1030 the stone church was build by Knud the Great's sister Estrid. In the year 1080 the bishop of Roskilde, Svend Normands, constructed the new church made of a special stone. It was the bishop of Roskilde, Absalon, who started the construction of the permanent brick church at about year 1170. He was an ally and sworn brother to Valdemar the Great. They build out side the special stone church, then they tore it down, when they had build the outer shell. The church endures because of its history of many styles. In the beginning the church was of roman style and after that, there was build with more gothic style, was build which you can tell from the church rooms that are great, open wide and richly decorated with e.g. wickerwork in stone and Fantastic stained-glass paintings.


Human- and nature sight.

At that period of time the architects had absolutely no influence concerning the construction. The satisfaction it was, to do something for the church, was enough.
In nearly every houses, there were many plates with the inscription: "Praise the Lord".
People didn't use their logic sense. They blamed God for almost everything. From
death to diseases in family. Some even thought, that they had cost maybe a daughters death, because they'd stolen something or maybe killed someone. And that was Gods way to punish them.
According to the gothic church. God was represented, as a great punisher.
Against which the romance church, was filled with hope and love. God represented faith, love and hope. He didn't punish those who did something wrong. Instead he guided them through their suffer and pain.
There is lots of reasons for the huge difference between the romance and gothic churches.
When the gothic churches existed, the people had a strong role model in the shape of God, he gave them joy and satisfaction.
The church and the king worked together, to control the people.
The gothic church, reflects suppression and manipulation. The people started to blame each other for all the suffering.
The king abused Gods name.

Amalienborg (in danish) / (no english version)

Københavns Rådhus / Copenhagen Town Hall

Østerlars Rundkirke (in danish) / in english

Roskilde Domkirke / Roskilde Cathedral

Trelleborg (in danish) / (no english version)