Constitution - Debate

In the group we started out by discussing whether the racism paragraph should be written in the Danish constitution, but we doubted if the subject would take away the freedom of expression, and we wouldn't change that because it's a basic human-right. After some time we concluded that the subject we were dealing with were maybe to restricted and only dealt with one specific subject, so we decided to look at it with a lager view. We constructed a paragraph to the constitution, that should take care for the individual persons physical and psychological well being. We formulated it this way:

§ No man can because of his own personal conviction expose another human
being for physical or psychological damages.

This could maybe eliminate all spite, for instance at work and at institutions. It would relieve the pressure on the society perceptibly, because the number of psychical cases would drop.
The living standards in Denmark would increase, and the individual would have a greater psychological surplus and would have more to contribute with to the society, both socially and in working matters.
But, on the other hand this paragraph could give some negative reactions. This could get abused, for example in cases about harassment's in school, where students could get innocently convicted, and therefor will be taken out of school and be placed in institutions with other young criminals.
Then there is a big risk that the students would resign both social and professional.

Andreas, Lea, Aske, Karen and Sarah

Grundlovsdebat / Constitution - Debate

Debate of the medians responsibility

Ændringsforslag til § 29 stk. 2. / Proposed amendment to § 29 subsection 2

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