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Even though there are some Islamic extremists, who do what they can to make life miserable in the Western Society there's only a few of them that follow the aggressive way of the Koran.

Exactly as we have extreme Christians there are of course also extreme Islamic people. Pia Kjærsgaard declares that all Islamic people are terrorists. Its almost the same as the Islamic ter-rorists tell about the Western Society.
The arguments that racist statements should be raised is that Danish politicians shouldn't be al-lowed to speak so freely about ethnic minority's. People shouldn't be allowed to speak so bluntly about foreigners as they were cattle's. Because of the blunt statements you get a lot of crime be-tween the ethnic minority's, maybe?

The freedom of speech should of course still exist but at the same time it should be treated with care. Dansk Folkeparti and Mogens Glistrup's statements are in conflict with the "Constitution" because in § 71 stk. 1 says that a Danish citizen can't because of his/her political or religious opinion be the target of that kind of treatment.

In § 77 it also says that anyone can declare his/her opinion on paper or speech, as long as this isn't an insult and you are being rude to a person, because of their beliefs. In the case you are rude or insulting you can be judged by a judge in a courthouse. If you write something that could be threatening for a country's safety you can also be prosecuted.

The Royal Family: We have had big discussion about the royal family. Among other things we discussed if there should be a Christian or Muslim king or queen or they should be able to choose for themselves which religion they would worship in the Danish royal house. When Denmark is build up buy the Christian beliefs, we thing that the country should retrain its national believes. Someone in the group things that we shouldn't have a royal family, because you shouldn't neces-sarily be born into the kings role.

Should our land be ruled by the communist ways of living. No, because we have seen terrible examples of countries, which have gone bankrupt. Due to the communism - That would be to jeopardise our country.

Bjarke, Rasmus, Katrine, Karen and Thue

Grundlovsdebat / Constitution - Debate

Debate of the medians responsibility

Ændringsforslag til § 29 stk. 2. / Proposed amendment to § 29 subsection 2

Constitution project