We have been working with the concepts formation and education, and how it affects our school.
It is in fact, pretty difficult to define on concept in proportion of the other, because they are so connected to each other, - at least in the school system.
We have discussed whether you, unconsciously or not, are educated to format in the school. We don't think that, but we still mean that the formation is a considerable part of the education.
Formation, nearly, only exists as an unconscious factor or an unconscious element, so it should therefor be more visible.
Because formation, also, is about knowledgement and showing an interest in other humans and cultures and about facing life, with everything it has to offer, we think that you should carry through philosophy and social studies in the classes, so the youth get a greater opportunity to ask questions and, perhaps, face life more reflected.

Made by: Stina, Trine Karen K and Sarah