The assassination of king Umberto 1st put an end, as far as Piermariniís mansion is concerned, to a unique era and started a long period of inattention and abandonment.

In the 1919 the Villa Reale became a state property, while waiting for the deed of succession by which the Savoia family left the Villa to the townships of Monza, which did not happen only in 1994.

The alarming state of abandonment in which the Villa has been left the whole 20th century, worsened still further by improper uses of its indoor and outdoor space, have critically endangered its integrity. Almost all furniture and fixture were stolen from the 600 rooms of the Villa while the interiors were adapted as barracks for the troops during the 1st World War, as halls for the biennial decorative art exhibition from 1921 to 1943 and as headquarters for the Gestapo troops during the 2nd World War.

Only in recent years a general plan for the recouping and re-use of the Villa Reale has been formulated. The monumental complex designed by Piermarini is to contain a large museum which will include the visit to the royal apartments on the first storey and a permanent exhibition of furnishings and objects of great value. An illustrative tour with documents and original drawings, will allow visitors to go back over the complex events of this monument, of its gardens and its park.


The big property of the Villa Reale comes disputed between the Superintendence and the municipality of Milan and municipality of Monza.

The first being is Proprietor the south wing, that is of all the right part of the Villa, where is the kitchens, the dance hall and the trone room, the dining room and the stairs, than it bring at the upper floor;

this being is forward; second on long project of the restoration and of there remaking the plant, at to become the museum of Villa.

This project is financing the municipality of Monza and of Milan than itís the proprietors the north wing, that is the left part of Villa, occupied of the lighters, foreseeing than it comes utilise like cultural centre and of high representation. Now has been finished only the works of restoration of the ground floor, where has was build the centre of the terninobles and the hydraulics plant, where will be put the storehouse of Civic Picture - Gallery  In the project of the restoration, there is that remaking of the roof, than beginning on the mars 2002.