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The track at the motordrome, opened in 1922 and restructured numerous times. Today the home of the Italian Gran Prix and Formula One racing.

The motor-car racing track in Monza, one of the most famous tracks in the world, was built in 1922 designed by Alfredo Rosselli, commissioned by the Automobile Club of Milan.It was conceived following the growth of the car industry and pressure of the of the futuristic movement, enthusiastic for everything linked to cars and engines. 
The motor-racing track was built in only six months, between February and July 1922, with an immense effort which required the employment of about 3500 workers. For those times it was built following entirely modern standards and it also contained a track for top speed with raised bends, now going to be demolished. The development of car technology has imposed so many changes to the circuit, such as the construction of the chicanes for changing down and lowering speed, that in 1976 the famous bend “Ascari” was redesigned,a double bend before the “Curvone”(big bend), and a new one 300 metres before the Curva di Lesmo were built.
During the 90’s new changes brought about,above all to the bends known as Grande and Lesmo, needed to bring down the speed and to increase safety. Nowadays the track used in the competition known as Gran Premio d’Italia of Formula One championship is 5770 metres long. The facility can hold up to 120000 people, with 51000 seats. The new pits are among the most modern and functional of the circuits of Formula One. The nearest gate to the track is the one in the township of Vedano.  


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